​​Top trends shaping the recruitment space 


For 78% of the companies, diversity is extremely important. While for the 53% of the companies, it has already been adopted.our paragraph here.

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New interviewing tools

Video interviews especially are being adopted by companies globally. While 56% of the companies think of the newer interviewing tools, including video interviews, as being extremely important, 18% of them have already adopted it.


For 50% of the companies, the data is extremely important, and 18% of the companies have already adopted ways to utilize it.

Artificial Intelligence

The report states that though this is particular trend is the mildest of all, but it could be the boldest disruptor of all. Around 8% of the companies have already adopted it, and for 35% of the companies, it is something extremely serious.

​What is even more interesting is that more and more companies are focusing on diversity, not just for ticking a box any longer, but towards ensuring better financial performance, to improve the culture, and to better understand and represent the customer. For 78% the reason is culture. For 62% it is to improve company performance, and for 49% it is to better represent customers.